Business-wise, I just finished my new record entitled "ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE", with producer/engineer/mixer/Eventider/Red Vines Licorice junkie Ronan Chris Murphy, whose credits include work with Tony Levin, The California Guitar Trio, King Crimson, Steve Morse, Robert Fripp, Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, etc.

This "POWER DUO" album features only myself and acoustic/electronic drumming madman Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister, X.T.C, TU (with Trey Gunn), The Sugarcubes, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, etc.) BEATING THE SNOT OUT OF original instrumental compositions that were specifically written and orchestrated to showcase advanced bass and drums textures!  I could have named the album, "The One Million Dollar Muffin" or some other clever title that references the kidnapping of my Grandmother....But, "ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE" just PLAIN rules!

**Here's a sneak peek MP3 from the new record, "ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE", which exclusively features my fretless 6-string bass: "Consequence".  Sweet.....This tune utilizes both a fretted 5 and a fretless 6-string bass: "Wedren".

I had the record mastered at Threshold Sound by Chief Mastering Engineer Stephen Marsh, who has done stellar mastering jobs for KORN, Incubus, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.  I am not sure if he has done any work for Diddy.  I know he did some great things for CARNIE......But most importantly, it was his genius work for Kenny Loggins that earned him a Platinum Record from The RIAA!

You can check out some cool pix and videos HERE and at Pat Mastelotto's website

I am planning to play as many live concerts in the U.S. as possible as well as a small-scale tour in the UK and Japan to promote this record.  The Brits love me.  They love my footie knowledge and affinity for hooliganism.  The Japanese love me because I hate Bok Choy and mushrooms.  I love them right back.  I have a RED ninja suit and several Hello Kitty! trinkets and whatnots to prove it.  YOU CAN'T TRACE IT OR NUTHIN'!!!!