I scored a few guestlist tix to the invitation-only LIVE premiere screening of the FOX NETWORK reality TV show, "The Princes Of Malibu".  The event was held at producer-extraordinaire David Foster's estate in Malibu.  There were GUESS! models everywhere, a huge-ass In-And-Out Burger catering van, and at some point, Alan Thicke was in the 'hood.  Photo-Stalking hairdresser Paul Mitchell?: PRICELESS!!  NO WAY!! 

1.) Watching The Premiere On The Big-Screen TV
2.) DIRTE!!!
Surprise! Surprise!  Guess Who's Pounding The Red Vines?!
A Good Shot Of Some Hollywood-Types, No Doubt, Saying INSANELY Retarded Things To One Another

Hey, it's a pretty decent shot of David Foster's ass.  He has produced hit records for Celine Dion, Chicago, Whitney Houston, etc.  This is why he has lots of ducats.  Awesome......