You can also check out some cool pix and videos HERE and at Pat Mastelotto's website

"ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE" is visionary bassist/composer Jay Terrien's latest bass and drums ONLY "POWER DUO" record featuring stellar acoustic/electronic drumming from Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, X.T.C., Mr. Mister, KTU, etc.) and genius production/mix work by Ronan Chris Murphy. FEAR THE DOLLS!!

Buy the CD

"Terrien's credit reads "bass, composition, madness" and it's a pretty apt description. Working with percussionist Pat Mastelotto, he uses every bass technique imaginable, and the result is an insanely varied set of soundscapes. Yet even though Terrien can make his bass chime like electric piano or scream like lead guitar, the album's most personable voice is the growl of his fretless."

(Here's the cover, click on the article for the full review!)


Mark Egan:  (Bass, Producer, Musical Director, Formerly With The Pat Metheny Group, Sting, Arcadia, Roger Daltry, Joan Osborne; performed with the Gil Evans Orchestra, Marianne Faithful, David Sanborn, John McLaughlin and Sophie B. Hawkins, etc.)
"Hi Jay!  I received your CD and really enjoy it a lot. Really creative playing and composing!  Best of luck with the CD and keep up the creative work.  All the best.........Mark"

Michael Manring: (Genius World-Renowned Solo Bassist/Composer, Michael Hedges, Sadhappy, A.D.D. with Tim Alexander and Alex Skolnick)
"I did indeed receive your CD, thanks so much.  Beautiful work! I like the abstract moods and textures. Keep up the good work!  All the best!"

Bryan Beller: (Mike Keneally Band, Steve Vai Band, Bassist, Clinician, Composer, Lover, Freelance Writer For Bass Player Magazine, Etc.)
"I've listened to the first six songs on your CD!  Double-Entendre...nice twisted stuff!   You're really creating a world with the flavor and timbre of what's going on.  I wanted to let you know I've enjoyed it!  Best, BB"

PROGRESSOR: (Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Website)
"...What I'm hearing for sure on both Double Entendre and Judging by the Size of Carnie is something sounding not unlike an electric guitar, and it's one of the central moving forces here. Melodically more pronounced than any of their potential brothers in style, these are the works of quasi Jazz-Fusion. By the way, their sonic palette is richer than that we usually expect from a trio. The highlights include Ruins, Sundial and Judging by the Size of Carnie, though overall, all the described pieces are much to my taste."

MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE: "The World's #1 Drum Magazine!":
Bassist Jay Terrien joins King Crimson's PAT MASTELOTTO on All The Dolls In The Same Place. Using only five- and six-string basses and a variety of tunings, Terrien stretches the limits of his instrument and weaves a complex melodic tapestry. Mastelotto supports this with some extraordinary live and programmed parts. Tracks include the epic "Judging By The Size Of Carnie", which transitions seamlessly from 4/8 to 5/8 to 6/8 to 9/8. Throughout, Mastelotto contributes his progressive groove and chops, laying the foundation for Terrien's well-rounded and visionary solo effort."

(Here's the cover, click on the article for the full review!)


David Burgess, Basscast: LIVE PODCAST FROM AUSTRALIA, March 2006
(Listen to this awesome Podcast by downloading it here or by checking it out on iTunes!) 
"First up is a great CD by a great player by the name of JAY TERRIEN.  This year he released a CD by the name of "All The Dolls In The Same Place" and it's evident from the cover artwork there that he has a healthy interest in inflatable dolls of the female gender. But leaving that aside, the music on this CD is REALLY interesting. And I mean that in a good way, not the Chinese way. 

Jay plays all the instruments on the album other than acoustic and electronic percussion which is covered by Pat Mastelotto. I found with this album that I had it on shuffle on my iPod and I found that often when a great track would come up, I'd look at my iPod and it turned out to be from this album. So, WELL-RECOMMENDED!!!"

Mark Plati: (Producer/Engineer, Former Musical Director For David Bowie and Robbie Williams)
"I thought your record was great ... not what I expected. I thought it would be more chops oriented, as opposed to musical ... translation: I dug it!  The sound was fab ... especially Pat's toms - he knows how to tune 'em AND hit 'em ... now there's a combination.  Getting a drum sound is really no big deal unless the drummer hasn't got those two things together."

Movimenti Prog: (Music Webzine In Italy)
"Grande Jay Terrien. Ossessionato alla pornodiva Jenna Jameson e da tante bambole gonfiabili che porta con sè (persino in auto), il giovane bassista tira fuori un disco molto interessante, che insieme all'ultimo Hypnoise proviene dal prolifico ambiente Veneto West. Jay è infatti affiancato dall'ottimo Pat Mastelotto, che alle percussioni acustiche ed elettroniche è lo "sparring partner" del bassista. Con loro Ronan Chris Murphy, produttore intelliigente e partecipe........."

The Vermont Music Shop:
"This album ranges from zany rock-fusion vamps to mellow jazzier melodic pieces. The tasteful use of technology and layering gives Jay Terrien's bass compositions a unique quality that is often lost in similar fusion genres. He ultimately produces a musically attractive and well-produced album." - L. Rapkin

Marty O'Brien: (Rhode Island's Finest Musical Export, LA-Based Session Bassist, Methods of Mayhem, Static-X, Disturbed, Lindsay Lohan, 3-Faced, and Tommy Lee)
"Your CD is verrrrrry cool!  I'm listening to it again right now actually."

Andrea L.: (Bassist in "Pindaric Flight": Milan, Italy's Maddest Progressive Band!)
Hi Jay! Your CD is crazy!!! WE LOVE IT!!!! We aren't able to stop playng it!!!
I'm completely crazy for the first song and the sound of your fretless bass!  Andrea (the drummer) is fucked up by Pat's work and how it merges with your bass lines!!!  We are really proud we had the possibility to meet you and to spend one day with you in Milano, IT!!"

Jauqo III-X: (Chicago-Based Bassist, Adler Basses Endorser)
"Jay's composing skills are nowhere weak nor cheesy.  I give Jay mad mad props for this most adventurous recording (but it's not a rugged adventure at all)!  Jay is just overflowing with lyricism, his fretless playing is so melodic and keen that if you don't watch yourself you will not even realize that it's a bass!  What sounds like keyboards and guitar as they weave throughout and under his up front bass playing are coming from notes all played by Jay on his Status Stealth-2 Fretless 6 and his Parker Fly Fretted 5 Bass!"

Kai Horsthemke, Germany, January 2006, Freelance Review
"In the bass world, as elsewhere, there are arguably two kinds of ‘madness’: the slow, creeping, dreadful kind associated with mental disorders and chemical imbalances – and the kind that is advertised, paraded, contrived: essentially a show-off, innocuous kind that is essentially a publicity stunt, more than anything else. Jaco’s ailment was an example of the former, ultimately contributing to his premature death, while Jay Terrien’s is an example of the latter. His album is, before one has even listened to a single track, a source of major irritation, the ‘artwork’/ photography, the relentless mugging, the aforementioned references to ‘madness’, sex and booze, the fact that there are 69 (get it?) tracks sequenced here.  Imagine my surprise, then, on discovering that this is actually not only a mature but an immensely happening album! Terrien is a bassist with a profound understanding of melodic contour, detail, space, texture and orchestration, and is more than ably assisted by King Crimson sticksman Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic percussion. The tracks are excellent – with the exception of cuts 12-68, simply because nothing bloody happens here! The only reference point I can come up with is Tony Levin, especially his work (but also because Mastelotto’s in-your-face, razor-sharp precision brings to mind King Crimson). (Reading the interview Terrien did with Martin, I realize that the production and mixing skills of Ronan Chris Murphy may have had something to do with this.) Nevertheless, Terrien is very much his own man, with a unique vision – or the aural (note: not ‘oral’, Jay!) version thereof. In short, this is a scintillating album that every self-respecting bassist should get beyond the cover to listen to, if not try to get to own."

Russ Kao: (
"I got the CD last Thursday. Pretty cool stuff, takes a twisted and talented mind to write music like that. Playing is very good, nice tone and intonation with the fretless. I like that the emphasis is more on musicality than pure chops. The drumming is pretty out there, and it goes well with your style. Good job, and good luck with your musical journey.  YOU RULE!"

Donato Zoppo: (Movementi Prog (ITALY), Review Of Ronan Chris Murphy's Compilation, "Destroying Silence: An Introduction To Veneto West Records", Available Exclusively Through DGM/InnerKnot Records)
"Jay Terrien is a curious bass player, who in trio with Mastelotto and Murphy gives us a techno-rock that is both audacious and futuristic, made of sonorous spider webs and endless loops."

Adam Nitti: (Session Bassist, Clinician, Chief Learning Officer At
"Thank you also for sharing your music with me.  Man, your CD is really killin.  I really dug it.  Very unique sounding stuff, and well recorded too.  It's nice to hear bass players with their own sound and style.  I especially liked track #7... it had a really neat vibe to it.  Also, the hidden track (track #69, i think) was a trip!  Keep up the great  work!

Sébastien Dofour: (The Montreal Guitar Trio/Trio De Guitares De Montreal)
"Hi Jay!!  Glenn and I have listened to your CD.  That's really great music!  The only thing is that I find the doll on the cover a little bit too fat for my taste :-)
Joke apart, it's really groovy, a very nice production!!  We will try to catch up with you on January 6.  It must be a real party to see you live!"

"Greenboy" (Via Extended Range
"Great album, Jay.  Plenty of textures, sonic treatments, melody/lead lines (being a fretless guy, I enjoyed prominent use of fretless mixed in with lots of other basses) - and wow, good to hear some powerful drumming that's also sophisticated and not just beating.  Other percussion goodies from bass treatments up the ante and help make the whole thing sound cohesive as an album.  Glad I got this one!   :)  "

Jeff Schmidt: (Winner Of The Bass Extremes 2005 International Contemporary Solo Bass Competition)
"Your CD rocks BTW (thanks!).  You're a twisted mutha with those time signatures bro.  Can't wait to see it live!   Totally sweet album Jay. Seriously - even more enjoyable after reading this interview with track by track comments:"

Gregory Bruce Campbell: (Extended Range Bassist In Montana)
"Jay Terrien's CD is SO AWESOME!!!! this is some seriously innovative stuff!!!
I will need to part ways with the cover before my children see it but what and outstanding piece of music my friend! Jay, if you made this first pressing's cover a limited addittion...and then made a censored cover that i could feel comfortable handing to my kids with no an all black cover LOL..then i think you would be ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUSLY FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
again, what and outstanding piece of music my friend!"

so there i was driving in a field yesterday...i had forgot that the music had stopped...ok, JAY TERRIEN.... and the number 69 i have NO IDEA how i didn't even see that coming!  that was a no brainer...i am driving in a field and i wave to two elderly men fishing and suddenly i hear a RPG go ripping past my vehicle...oh... no it was track #69 scarring every once of bodily fluid through my entire body...i now have all my insides mixed up!  man that was more frightening than any movie i have ever seen!  i'm gonna shut after this... but again Jay GREAT DISC! and dang man! i want the cover for the text and track info...ya bastid!  solid black cd jackets for you from now on...and by the way i DO pray for you!  the picture of your granny and your nasty cd cover...compared to your INCREDIBLE MUSIC...someone has got to be praying for you so that all that insane raw talent doesn't go to waste!  i know you probably think i am weird....but hey SO ARE YOU!

Matt Till: (Pennsylvania's GREATEST BASSIST (From
"Jay, your talents terrify me and I'm quite positive you're a demon. I'll be sure of this conclusion once the urine samples get back from the lab.  Man, the more I listen to your stuff Jay, the more I realize that you and Pat are a combined genius that will destroy the world. I'm going to have to find a way to purchase your CD. This is THE ONLY "bass soloist" music I've ever heard that I LIKE A LOT. It's more awesome composition than flashy mindless chops."

It's Time For: MATT TILL'S AMAZING REVIEW OF Jay Terrien's "All The Dolls In the Same Place":

"I haven't received too many cds via mail, usually I got to a store of some kind, so I don't know the practice and standards of CD shipment. I can honestly say this is the first time I've received a CD from an artist and thought to myself, "Man, I don't even think I'd enjoy pooping that big... I'm a busy man, I can't be pooping that big." Yep, I received an authentic printed (looks pretty pro... did you get this at Wal*Mart. Jay Terrien poop art, it's autographed w/personal note (This is gonna be worth something one of these days!!!). I gotta find a spot for this where my girlfriend won't throw it away. "You don't get it baby, this is Jay Terrien poop art."

Now the music: I have a very unpopular point of view of bassists as far as solo work goes, which is to say, I hate it. Every single "bassist" album I've ever heard has held little interest for me. Stanley Clarke is the only exception. And in my opinion, the only thing that Stanley and Jay have in common, other than their instrument of choice... compositional skills.

When I listen to Victor Wooten's music for example, I feel a strong leaning on technique vs. composition. It's like a weak song with a monster bass solo.

One of my favorite things about Jay's album, there isn't much on this album I'd call a "bass solo." Lead bass ahoy! But I feel there is a difference.

Jay's focus on melody while maintaining rhythmic interest is wonderful, It's a skill I've been meaning to acquire, not so much in my metal band, but in solo work, which is almost disappeared (but that's a rant for another day).

Without giving a nod to percussive genius Pat Mastelotto, I would be by definition a criminal, and be beaten with oily rags then set on fire. This is perhaps the best duo ever put together since waffles and salmon. The term duo is used lightly due to the fact that Jay either has a bakers dozen worth of arms or did a bit of overdubbing (at times, Pat did as well), regardless, the interaction between everything, both rhythmically and melodically and spiritually and emotionally and sexually!? In every way, every single part is a perfect addition, despite numerous overdubs, there is plenty of space and air. So this album acts as both background music AND foreground music, I could see myself using this as either, depending on my mood.

An additional nod to Ronan Chris Murphy's excellent production! Seriously, this album sounds perfect, it's amazing that there are at times more than 3 bass tracks! But it sounds clear as a bell. Jay's "guitar" tone sounds better than most guitarists REAL guitars sound like.

I think this should really be in any bassists collection, for the mere sake of inspiration, and some damn good music. Despite Jay's obvious technically ability, that's not the focus at all, and that's the greatest thing about it.  FEAR THE POOP!"

Yves Carbonne: (Outstanding 10-String Southpaw Bassist From France)
"I like your CD, it's a piece of music, and I like to speak about music! It's cool to have your record!!"

Darren Michaels: (Atlanta, GA Solo Bassist)
"DANG!! Neat-friggin-o!  Buy this album.  Just don't let your mom see the jacket...
It kicks seven kinds of ass six ways to Sunday.  You've got a great use of the instrument, but above all it's really wonderful music.  Kudos to you for letting
your freak flag fly."

Jens Ritter: (Exceptionally Visionary German Luthier)
"It's just great! I really like it. Very beautiful and different (The proof?: The CD is still here on my desk and I listen to it often!)

Todd Johnson: (Genius Jazzer, 6-String Pioneer)
Thanks for the CD.  I dug it!  Well done.  That's some crazy stuff you're playing there my friend.   Really sounds good!!   I knew I heard some crazy stuff.  I said this to Michael Manring and I'll say it to you; "You must have really cool dreams!!!!"  You're a great player!! Congratulations.

Steuart Liebig: (Avant-Garde Experimental Contrabassist/Composer, "Multi-faceted Miscreant")
"Thanks for the disc, it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.  The disc rocks.  Ya know, I'm not usually down with the genre, but I think it works really well - - much better for me than most things of this nature.  That being said, I really like the sound of the thinner strings for the melody.  I also really like the tapped harmonics. Congrats!"

Jon Mauerhan: (Los Angeles-Based Freelance Drummer With Feersum Ennjin w/Paul D'Amour (TOOL))
"It is awesome sounding!  From a first listen, I can say I'm really impressed.  Great work!"

Mike Visceglia: (NYC Session Bassist/Musical Director For Suzanne Vega)
"Jay, Your CD rules! You're a bad mother! M."

Theron Brison: (Funk Bass Pioneer For "dfunktion")
"I just wanted to give you a shout out to tell you that along with being a sick motherfucker you are also extremely talented. I've been spinning your CD since the NAMM and I'm really diggin' it. I slip it on once or twice a week and I'm still hearing really cool shit I didn't catch before."

Pascal Samain: (From Belgium, A Review From "Crossroads", France's Premier Online Rock Mag):

'CD Gonflable!"

Je n’avais jamais entendu parler de ce mec, un américain, bassiste,
jusqu’à ce que Pat Mastelotto, batteur de Crimson e.a. me le présente.
Jay : du bon tabac ? du bon shit ? de la bonne poudre ? Terrien : à la
Clairette de la Lune, qu’il carbure ?

C’est d’abord un site web de ouf, comme je les aime, où le musico nous
cause musique, mais aussi amis, humeurs, politique :, à la fois égocentrique et con, sans trique réelle,
puisque TOUTES les femmes que vous verrez sur son site sont … des
poupées gonflables. On le voit, l’homme se veut « comique », le titre
de son dernier album en atteste. Mastelotto lui-même me l’a décrit
comme « ce type qui ne sait dire que des gros mots pendant
l’enregistrement de ce cd où, malheureusement, je joue de la batterie,
puisque c’est mon job principal.

All the doigts in the same place, sans forfanterie t’es rien, Jay use
et abuse sur sa pochette du doigt d’honneur, mais comme il a d’autre
part une tête de blondinet totalement banal et des lunettes et une
montre à la con, on comprend de suite qu’il ne joue pas dans la
catégorie métal, d’ailleurs sa toquante est en plastoque, métal : ces
idiots qui croient VRAIMENT à leurs gestes et insultes achetés en solde
chez Auchan. Non, étant Jay cru le déceler, un potàP@, on se trouve ici
en forte présence d’un duo typique de « l’Ecole Pourpre », tous les
rejetons de présence de Fripp. Ce cd, qui varie de l’ambient aux
rythmes orientonton pourquoi ils toussent, du bruit de conserve à
l’arrêt de poison (enregistré près des poubelles, dans le fameux Garage
de P@?), aurait pu être un cd de Tony Levin, ou de Markus Reuter, ou de
Trey Gunn ou de Gordian Knot, bref un de ces trucs exclusivement
instrumentaux, qui, de plus, instrumentalisent les poupées gonflables,
puisque à l’intérieur de la pochette, Terrien (t’es sûr ?) lèche le
sexe en PVC (pourquoi il tousse ?) devant une bande de blacks
rigolards. Rien à voir avec un quelconque prog revaïveule, rien à voir
avec une démonstration exhibi de virtuoses si tu l’, juste de la bonne
zique pour amateurs de batteries en Teflon, de six cordes où pendre le
talent. Sans oublier la clarté absolue des titres des morceaux :
Double-Entendre ou encore JTIWYP!  Encore une forfanterie des duettistes
JayP@ la galerie!"

*A ranger près de Pigalle, loin de France Gall*

Joy Basu: (LA Session Guitarist, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Angie Stone, Joi, Nick Lachey, CoCo Lee, FYF)
"Your CD sounds cool!  I can tell a lot of work went into it. Great for showcasing your talents."

Dean Athens: (Digitech Musical Products)
This CD has the right amount of psycho-erotic mojo to put it in the Stravinsky-approved domain. Sophia Gabedalina too.  We like it.   What kind of fretless are you using?  The dense layering of bass parts is very well done.  Rhythmically and melodically, the compositions are moving and very appealing.

From Ulrich Spiegel of Overath, Germany on 11/30/2005 (5/5 STARS!!!)
"Security advice: do not leave your CD wherever children play.  The cover is absolutely tasteless.  But the music grooves.  Terrien is a fine and superb bass player and Mastelotto's playing is inventive as always.  Their music is not adventurous as Mastelotto's other drum and bass projects with Trey Gunn or Markus Reuter.  It's rather more funky. You never miss any other instruments due to the dense interplay of the two.  So do not expect the kind of music the cover suggests."

Mike Michel: (Minneapolis-Based "Arena Guitar Hero"/Jerry Springer Fanatic)
"Hey boner.  Great tones and tunes.  Drums rule as well.  Send that shit out."

Todd Rowen: (Drummer/Composer For The New Spain)
"Dude the CD sounds fucking great!  I am totally impressed.  Top fucking notch!  Word up,"

Scott A. Jacobsen: (Podiatrist, Bunion-Hater!!, Audio Engineer)
"Great Recording!  Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know your album rocks. I think I may have told you before when you first sent it to but I've been checking it out on my studio monitors and my headphones discovering all of the textures.  Great job....Jay is an extremely talented musician.  The music grabbed from the first note until the last...Everytime I listen, I hear something new and exciting. Highly Recommended!!!"

Sid Smith's Postcards From The Yellow Room (Blog):
Kram Namloc said...

" I immediately liked the samples of this CD and bought it from DGM. Looking forward to the full monty.

Jay damn nearly ruined my breakfast with his detailed images of toilet bowls and their denizens. Jay, stick to music, your pictures are shit.

Now that weblog has flogged me into joining (so that I may reply to His Sidness) maybe I'd better start tossing words at this place?"
7:45 PM

Sid Smith said...

"Hi there Kram,

welcome to the blogosphere. I think I agree with you about some of Jay's photographs. Thankfully the album's sleeve is toned down compared to the images he has at his disposal.

The music is solid stuff!"

Joey Eppard: (Awesome Guitarist/Songwriter For "3", Brother Of Coheed and Cambria's Drummer Josh Eppard)
"Dude, thanx for the cd, it's great!  Really cool stuff.  I haven't gotten too deep into the record yet cause I popped it into the player in my wife's car and she hasn't given it back yet.  That's a good sign though!"

Martin Simpson: (South African Bass Players Collective Music Library International)
"Jay Terrien is probably the most lunatic person I’ve ever come across is my entire life – I’m not even completely sure he’s actually from this planet, but that didn’t prevent me from asking this nutcase who “raises hell professionally” – his words, not mine, for an exclusive interview for  Anyway, after some delay (While Jay was busy putting the finishing touches to his new "POWER DUO" disc), we got down to business and this is what Jay had to say for himself:

"Picked up the CD from the post box this morning and am at this moment, listening to it for the second time. I had absolutely no idea what to expect - POWER DUO - I was too scared to even imagine - at the back of my mind something was saying, "Yeah, give it a spin but it's probably not up to much".  BOY, How wrong could I have been?!!!!!!  I was speaking to Mark Roberts a few weeks back and he said he loved your stuff.  Well, I can tell you, I think it's F@#%&!G AMAZING - BRILLIANT - actually the word "tasteful" can also be slotted in there wherever you want to put it."


Joe Deninzon: (World-Renowned Electric Violinist/Composer)
"The shit's kickin.  I especially like that 69 song.  I dig the drummer you are working with.  Keep it up!"

Garry Goodman: (Amazing 12-String Bassist/Composer)
"I like it a lot!  Conceptually it is very fresh and there is no doubt that you have musicianship and can play!  Just listening to it as music,without analyzing it, it's great!  All in all, great bass stuff.  I think you did a great job!  I applaud your originality and fine bass playing.  The tracks are clean and the music is very progressive.  Great solos, too.  It's refreshing to hear some bass concepts that are not an attempt at imitating another player's style.  Very creative use of your bass! I think you are on to something."

Cliff Engel: (Bassist, Founder Of The International Institute Of Bass)
"I'm listening to it right now Jay.  Very interesting!  It's definitely unique.  Cool tonalities."

Brian Heim: (North Carolina's Finest Bass Aficionado)
"I love it, love it, love it.  Let me go grab your record and listen to it again.  It's intense! Jay Terrien's solo album is a breakout album in the bass world.

So now in a generation of bassists who are trying to emulate their idols voices (I, myself, am guilty in several ways. It's not bad to admire them) we need more voices to hear from. Jay Terrien's debut album stands out, not as a chops fest, but as a perfectly tasteful compositional album that anyone could enjoy.

Jay isn't the only amazing player on this album though, as Pat Mastelotto pounds a path down in a forest of the musical world for Jay to walk right through, showing that he too, has something different to offer for us to learn from.

So don't just read this review, get the album and see what you yourself think about everything from Jay Terrien's mesmerizing fretless solos to Pat Mastelotto's pounding electronic and acoustic drums."

Scott M. Mapes: (P.E., Esquire, River Rat Records)
"I am half way through your latest release...remarkable!  Ronan Chris Murphy's production and Patty M's drum kit aside...this effort is on the verge of something showing your creative mastery of your instrument in a very "King Crimson" style and fashion (which is hard to accomplish).  George Harrison once said Ravi Shankar's daughter Anoushka was one with her sitar...having seen her perform live, she is her sitar and her sitar is her...the same comes to mind with you and your strings.

Alex Skolnick: (Speed Metal Guitar Virtuoso With Testament, Jazzer With His "Skol Trio" Project)
"Got it, thanks!  Sounds cool!"

Sid Smith: (Author Of "In The Court Of King Crimson")

"I played the album over the weekend and will be reviewing it over at my blog.  Short version is that that there's a great feel to it - I like the lyricism of some the compositions i.e. there's a real structure to them rather than a riff and then a bunch of solo's which no matter how good the playing, can become a little flat after a while.  Like I say, I'll go into more detail about it when I review it, but I just wanted to give you an early heads up to say that it's a most welcome addition to the yellow room rotation."

Paul Delano: (Extended-Range Bassist, Bee Basses Endorser)
"Cool stuff Jay.  I'm really diggin' the fretless tones."

Dalan Musson: (Editor/Writer Hand Carved Magazine, Former Pro Wrestler, "Has Seen The Honky Tonk Man Pee" (This Kid Rules!)
"I listened to your album, BTW.  I really liked it, very fucking cool, esoteric kinda stuff.  Some of it had a great Perfect Circle/Tool feel to it, which I really liked.  It's obviously super tight, but it's also fun and I liked that I could just sit back and chill on it as well as get into some of the more bizarre stuff."

Steve Sigaty: (MAD Pro Drummer, Formerly With Nuclear Rabbit)
"Thank you for sharing!  Good stuff.  I like the arrangements. Pat Mastelotto compliments you well on the drums!"

Lee Patrick Mastelotto: (Freelance Drummer, Might Have Worked On Charles Manson's Solo Record)
"Jay Terrien interesting!?!  That doesn't begin to explain him (first person I ever met with a Book Of Shit).  I enjoyed the project immensely, as immensely . . as one might enjoy an anal probe.  Fav track? . . I'll chose "Judging By The Size Of Carnie"."

Ronan Chris Murphy: (Director Of Entertainment For Veneto West Records And The Home Recording Bootcamp)
"Listened to the record twice today.  It's pretty fuckin' great.  It sounds as good as anything I have ever recorded."

Iguana: (Genius Hammond Organista With Oh My God!)
"There are some really great tones and playing throughout.  I was quite amused with the fifty-some silent "hidden tracks" before ..69.  Well-played!  I'll listen again, but so far, sweet job!  P.S. I've always found Alan Thicke to make me laugh, but not with his jokes or sense of humor.  My old friend with whom I live in NYC and I filmed a sketch making fun of Alan Thicke in 1993.

Also, feel free to check out a few web-based chat threads regarding me, my new record via, as well as another cool thread at Extended Range!

1.) Consequence
2.) Wedren
3.) Fastidious
4.) Hereiam


Pat Mastelotto (Percussion Overdubs) LIVE VIDEO!
Pat Mastelotto (Watch Pat Bash! Bash! Bash! Bash!) LIVE VIDEO!
Fear The Mastelotto Monkey LIVE VIDEO!
4.) Jay Terrien's "Fretless Whistling" During "INSULIN" LIVE VIDEO!
6.) Pat Mastelotto's "INSULIN" Overdubs Cymbal Bash Fest LIVE VIDEO!

7.) Big Eddie's Sweet Corvette
8.) Scott Stoddard's Wedding Present (Dear Jesus!)
9.) Chris Terrien: LIVE From A Bathroom Stall (In The Mattress)

*Starring my homeboy Mikey Anderson of "Twins Peaks" and HBO's hit "Carnivale"

1.) Feeding Kelly Osbourne (Download Chart)
2.) Enoch Flowers (A Godsend) (Download Chart)
3.) Peter North (Pole) (Download Chart)
4.) My Brother "Loves" Tom Brady


1.) Ron Jeremy
2.) Alexis

3.) Headrush
4.) B.V.D.
5.) Missionary
6.) *Sonique (For Nick Berg)*
7.) Float Up
8.) Mellow By The Sea

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