I had a blast playing with the legendary STEVIE WONDER and recent Grammy-winner ESPERANZA SPALDING at the sold-out Nokia Theatre! We were joined on-stage by the amazing Chick Corea, John Mayer, Herbie Hancock, Ledis, and many more special guests. There's a great review of our concert HERE.

Here's our string trio performance of my string arrangement for "Fine By Me', the new single from popstar Andy Grammer, live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! I was joined on-stage by my wonderful violinist BRITTANY COTTO and cellist AMANDA ZIDOW! FULL HD LIVE VIDEO HERE.

I also had a blast recording VIOLA with composer @ZackHexum for the movie COBU @Cobu3DTweets starring @BoA_USA and @DerekHough from @DancingABC! We tracked strings for 2 days at Entourage Studios in NOHO. Best!

Here are two AMAZING videos from my LIVE EP CONCERT with Andy Grammer and Colbie Caillat. This is Andy's cover of the hit song by my girl Rihanna, "We Found Love":

This is the gorgeous Andy Grammer ballad, "The Heavy and The Slow". I love my viola part on this tune!


I arranged strings for viola and cello, featuring my first-call cellist, Adrienne Woods (Diddy Diddy Money, American Idol, The Jonas Brothers, Duran Duran, etc.). There were 11 of us on stage, MOBY, drummer Eric Gardner, pianist Carrie Anne James, and 6 singers in our choir: Tiff Randol, Daniel Ahearn, Mindy Gaspar, Angela Correa, Julie Mintz, and Sara Melson. LOVE THESE PEEPS SO MUCH! This AMAZING video for the song features Heather Graham.

Here's a funny backstage dressing room video of our band playing "The Band Name Game" with both MOBY and Jay Leno! X.T.C. and Coheed and Cambria as answers = BEST!

Professional Bassist/Violist/String Arranger/Music Director JAY TERRIEN, played VIOLA with RIHANNA featuring Kanye West and Drake at the NBA All-Star Game, LIVE at The Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 20th, 2011. The entire All-Star weekend aired live on national TV on TNT. Lenny Kravitz, Cee Lo Green, Keri Hilson, Bruno Mars, and Far East Movement also played at the event This 60th NBA All-Star Game was the fifth time that Los Angeles served as the site of the annual celebration. You can view the live show video here as well as some national and local press from my hometown of Burlington, Vermont about the event! SO MUCH FUN, pix HERE!

Jay Terrien Composes And Conducts Kick-Ass Punk Rock String Arrangements For The New RANCID Album, "LET THE DOMINOES FALL", In Stores Now Via Hellcat/Epitaph Records!

Be sure to check out the new Rancid record that I worked on, "Let The Dominoes Fall". I've got some cool session pix of myself, my homie Tim Armstrong, and my string section here, here, here, and here.

Check out this cool video of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Stax/Volt legendary Hammond B3 organ master Booker T. laying down a killer solo during one of the highlights of the record, "Up To No Good"! You can watch all of the Rancid webisode videos HERE.

(**L to R: Hollywood's Finest "A" List String Players Adrienne Woods (Cello), Joel Pargman (Violin I), Tom Lea (Viola), Ina Veli (Violin II), Jay Terrien (String Arrangements/Conducting), Tim Armstrong (Rancid front man!)**)

Check out the new Rancid video for "UP TO NO GOOD"!!! Here's another sweet picture of Tim Armstrong and the RANCID crew shooting the video for one of the songs that I did string arrangements for, "Up To No Good"!! Monster skater TONY HAWK also added his own pictures on TWITTER, His tweet was "Video shoot in the can for Rancid's "Up To No Good. Me, Staab and @ncshredda were the miniramp champs.", check it HERE!

I hung out with the band after their sick show at Los Angeles Forum with Rise Against and Billy Talent. SHOCKING Pix of Jay and Tim Armstrong, JT and Larsy, JT and Brendan, JT and sweet Rachel Tejada, JT and wife (with actor dude from CSI waiting to pee), and of course, the best picture of Elizabeth and Wee-Man from "Jackass". Holla at yer boy! Woot! PUNK ROCK AWESOME!!


Business-wise, I have just released my new record entitled "ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE", with producer/engineer/mixer/Eventider/Red Vines Licorice junkie Ronan Chris Murphy, whose credits include work with Tony Levin, The California Guitar Trio, King Crimson, Steve Morse, Robert Fripp, Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, etc.

This "POWER DUO" album features only myself and acoustic/electronic drumming madman Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister, X.T.C, TU (with Trey Gunn), The Sugarcubes, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, etc.) BEATING THE SNOT OUT OF original instrumental compositions that were specifically written and orchestrated to showcase advanced bass and drums textures!  I could have named the album, "The One Million Dollar Muffin" or some other clever title that references the kidnapping of my Grandmother....But, "ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE" just PLAIN rules!

**Here's a sneak peek MP3 from the new record, "ALL THE DOLLS IN THE SAME PLACE", which exclusively features my fretless 6-string bass: "Consequence".  Sweet.....This tune utilizes both a fretted 5 and a fretless 6-string bass: "Wedren".

I had the record mastered at Threshold Sound by Chief Mastering Engineer Stephen Marsh, who has done stellar mastering jobs for KORN, Incubus, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.  I am not sure if he has done any work for Diddy.  I know he did some great things for CARNIE......But most importantly, it was his genius work for Kenny Loggins that earned him a Platinum Record from The RIAA!

You can check out some cool pix and videos HERE and at Pat Mastelotto's website


1.) ***High Bass + Low Bass + Mad Drums = American Idol!!!

2.) ***Jay Terrien is pursuing legal action to expedite a full refund of over $7,650.00 USD (plus damages) from Heiko Hoepfinger and BassLab Basses GmbH (Kassel, Germany), pertaining to the fraudulent business practices, unsatisfactory amateur craftsmanship, and poor service-level agreement (German civil code sec. § 437, No. 2 BGB) regarding a custom bass that he purchased from BassLab GmbH. Here's a partial photographic list documenting some of Heiko Hoepfinger's (BassLab Basses GmbH) craftsmanship and construction errors.

This lawsuit, which has already been referred to Melchers Rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt, Germany, the United States Attorney General's Office (IL), The Federal Trade Commission (Washington, DC), Wachovia Banking Corporation, VISA International, and various Better Business Bureau satellite offices, will also seek related punitive damages and all other miscellaneous/legal costs (German civil code sec. § 437, No. 3, § 280 BGB) caused by Heiko Hoepfinger's fraudulent business BassLab GmbH, its "North American" Distributor, Greg Holmes' GH Services based in Ontario, Canada, and their unauthorized third-party credit card merchant "Kosmetik Claasen" (A Flower Shop operated by Susanna Claasen) located in Muenster, Germany.

3.) ***Jay Terrien has added a new custom Status Graphite Stealth-2 6 String Headless Fretless Bass into his prominent setup. This flawlessly constructed Stealth-2 is an extremely lightweight and balanced, one-piece graphite monocoque bass that possesses a strikingly perfect blue graphite tint finish and has the finest and flattest phenolic fretless fingerboard on the planet!

You can check out some sweet pix here, here, and here.

Here is an unbiased review of the Stealth-2 from a past issue of Bass Player Magazine, which also recognizes UK-based Status Graphite owner Rob Green as a great businessman with over 20 years of construction and consumer expertise.

Terrien says, "From my experiences playing tons of high-end composite gear such as Parker, Zon, Modulus, and Moses, Rob Green, the owner and designer of Status Graphite Basses, undoubtedly makes the most stable and lightweight monocoque composite-based instruments in the marketplace.  I can't imagine a more UNIQUE sound coming out of a fretless bass.  The fretless sounds are to die for!  The bass plays great and balances well.  I stopped playing two hours ago and it is still sustaining!!  This bass flat out ROCKS!!!  THANKS FOR MAKING ME A WORLD-CLASS INSTRUMENT!!!"

4.) ***Jay Terrien, along with some of the top Chicago bassists, including Billy Dickens and Jauqo III-X Reality, demoed some new extended-range bass gear and composite violins/violas from July 23-25, 2004, at Nashville's NAMM SUMMER SESSION!!

Jay met up with many innovative extended-range bass luthiers such as Mike Adler, Carey Nordstrand, Jens Ritter, Kevin Brubaker, Steven Mosher, Mark Eshenbaugh, Chris Benavente etc., as well as several cutting-edge musical instrument companies interested in exploring both endorsement opportunities and business development initiatives that maximize his extensive product management and consulting background. You can also check out Jay Terrien live at The NAMM Show, which runs from January 20-23, 2005 in Anaheim, CA.

5.) ***Jay Terrien has added TWO Parker Fly 5 String Fretted basses to his arsenal. The Red one is tuned EADGC and was signed by Ken Parker himself. The transparent natural finish 5 usually stays in a DADF#C# tuning. You can hear the dominating sounds of both the Parker Fly 5 and Status Graphite Stealth-2 6 String Headless Fretless Bass on some very cutting-edge solo bass compositions downloads: 1.) Fastidious and 2.) Hereiam

You can check out the Parker Fly bass specs for yourself at PARKER GUITARS!!!

Jay Terrien is conducting a business analysis of the most popular composite basses on the market. This shootout will include compare/contrast reviews and pictures regarding the craftsmanship, electronics, playability, and customer service-level agreements that exist at companies like Zon, Modulus, Parker, Moses, Status, and BassLab GmbH. This highly-detailed and lengthy review will then be submitted to Bass Player Magazine and other online communities surfed by educated consumers interested in buying high-end bass gear.

7.) ***Jay Terrien got married to Elizabeth E. Jefferis in Las Vegas on February 18! The groom and best man, Jay's brother Chris Terrien, were in fact, both decked out in the now infamous CHET'S SHIRT, from Larry's David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"!!  Check out Les Deux Chet's shirts in action HERE!!!  They were fortunate enough to watch Sasha dance at Palominos, which led to a nice mini-van escort ride home by a wonderful young gentleman named "Enoch Flowers".  He was even nice enough to introduce us to a few 10 year olds, who at the time, were riding their dirt bikes through the outskirts of Las Vegas at 3 AM!!! 

8.)***Terrien is also getting involved as a producer/studio bassist on two up-and-coming Chicago progressive/alt. rock band's album releases.  They plan on doing all of their tracking at the Chicago Recording Company and at Electrical Audio, owned and operated by the infamous Steve Albini.

Don't forget to check out the Downloads section for the latest music!